Jordan & Josh: Ray's Boathouse

​Sometimes everything goes right on a wedding day. Maybe you're one of the lucky planners out there that has NEVER had a major issue on a wedding day. If you are, you are a unicorn. Please tell me how you do it. We have had our fair share of wedding day mishaps! Jordan & Josh's wedding day was no exception in this department, if we are being honest. We received word about 4 hours before the ceremony was to start that there had been an accident and a car had run into a water main in Ballard, causing a break and subsequently, lots of dirty water. This is not good for a wedding day. Why? you ask. Well, without clean water no cooking can be done, no hands can be washed, no ice can be made, no restrooms can be use, etc. We spent the next hour or so racing around trying to find a back up venue in case Ray's Boathouse, the couple's chosen venue, had to close for the day. Luckily, we found a wonderful emergency venue that we did not end up needing. The water cleared (literally!) and so we were good to go.

After a beautiful ceremony on the Ray's dock, guests moved to cocktail hour and an indoor/outdoor reception with blush and white florals and hints of blue and yellow. After a delicious plated dinner, the band began to rock and from that moment on the dance floor was jam packed! We love to see a party in full swing and this was no except. The couple exited the soiree not only with a glow stick send off, but they road into the sunset (or literally, the middle of the night) in a classic car owned by the groom's father. Talk about style!