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Tipping Etiquette for Wedding Vendors

With full swing wedding season approaching, we are getting more and more specific questions leading up to a couple’s big day. We know tipping can be a big concern for wedding couples. Which vendors should you tip? How much is standard? When do you dole out the tips? If you do plan on tipping your vendors, make sure you have built that into your wedding budget. Once you realize how many people are involved in your big day, you will notice that you may be shelling out more cash than originally anticipated.

Considering the cost of an average wedding in the Seattle area, you may be a little overwhelmed at why you’ll have to factor in tipping into your budget. However, try not to think of why you have to tip vendors and focus more on how and when. You don’t HAVE to tip and most vendors don’t EXPECT a tip at the end of the night, but it is often done. Consider this: would you walk away from a restaurant without leaving a tip? Tipping is about saying thank you to everyone who had a part your wedding, and with planning you can accommodate everyone on your list without having to blow your budget!

Who to Tip

The best way to decide who you want to tip is to go over your vendor list and take note. Make sure the contracts you have don’t already have a tip built in, as well. We find that this often happens with catering services more than any other vendor. Don't worry, if it is included your contract will definitely state this.

We like to suggest that you tip people that have contributed greatly to the success of your big day and those who will actually "touch" a guest. Here are a few people that we suggest you consider tipping:

  • Bartenders

  • Caterer

  • DJ/Band

  • Florist

  • Hairstylist(s)

  • Makeup artist(s)

  • Musicians/Entertainment

  • Photographer(s)

  • Transportation Drivers

  • Videographer(s)

  • Waiters

  • Wedding Coordinator or Planner

Note: Tips are often not accepted by religious officiants, but you could consider making a donation to their place of worship in lieu of a traditional tip.