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Seattle Wedding Vendor Q&A: Breanna Marie Photography

Half of the fun of being a wedding planner is being able to work with tons of other amazing people in the area! We can't tell you how many awesome Seattle wedding vendors we have met over the past 2 years. We also get tons and tons of couples asking us for vendor suggestions; it is part of our job to curate the perfect team for each client, after all! It's one of our favorite things about the planning process.

Because we've made so many amazing friends, we wanted to feature some of them for a new segment we're calling Friendor Friday! What's Friendor Friday, you ask? It's just a way for us to do a vendor highlight of some of the best is the biz - our vendor friends, aka friendors! We will be asking each vendor a serious of questions that we believe are FAQ's from brides and grooms.

We're so excited to have Breanna Marie Photography as our guest today! This husband and wife duo is seriously amazing and they answered all of our questions so eloquently. 10/10 would recommend these two cuties.

How would you define your style of photography?

I would say my style is true to life, joy-filled, and romantic! I like to have a good balance of directing our couples but also allowing them to interact with each other a ton.

What is a first look and why should I have one?

A first look is a private moment with just the couple (and the photographer/videographer) where you get to see each other for the first time a couple hours before the ceremony! It helps get some of the wedding nerves out, and allows you to spend so much more of your day with your person! It also helps the flow of the day as you are able to get all of your photos done before the ceremony, then you get to go straight to the party after you are married. From personal experience, seeing my husband before our ceremony didn’t take anything away from the walk down the aisle.

What advice can you give to make a first look go easily?

I would recommend having your first look at the getting ready location, if the venue allows. It keeps things stress free when you are able to simply walk over to the spot for the first look and portraits! Depending on where you get married, this might not be an option in which case, a nearby park or the rooftop of the hotel you got ready at would be great choices! I would not recommend having the bridal party or family there to watch the first look. While this day is all about the two of you, it is always surprising how little time you get to spend as a couple! Having an audience might make you a little nervous, rather than allowing you to take the moment in, and react without expectations.

Why should I spend money on photography when my family friend has offered to photograph our wedding?

It sounds super cliché, but you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to photography. Hiring a professional that knows their way around a wedding timeline will save you so much stress, and will result in better images! It takes a long time to develop the skills to photograph in any type of light, under rushed circumstances, and with a ton of personalities to work with. The food, flowers, and cake all make for a spectacular day, and the photographs are what help you cherish these memories. They are something you are able to share with family and friends for the rest of your life.

What are your best tips and tricks to stay within my wedding photography budget?

If you are working on a tighter wedding budget, there are a few things you can think about! Many vendors offer adjusted pricing for off-season or weekday weddings, since they are less likely to book those than a Saturday in the summer. Another way to stay within budget is to opt for an intimate wedding or elopement. These are shorter days with fewer guests, which can cut costs in many areas! Ultimately, wherever your priorities lie – stunning florals, top-notch food, or a killer venue – you will want to be able to look back on them with equally amazing photographs.

What photography details do couples often forget about? What items should I remember to do to make your job easier?

A great way to make your wedding photos feel like they tell your individual story is by including lots of details. Did you pick out a perfume for the special day? Did your grandmother let you wear her antique earrings? What about a journal of letters from your fiancé? These items give little glimpses into what makes your day unique to you, and are important to capture. If everything is pulled together before your day, I can grab the shoe box full of goodies and get to shooting right when we arrive, rather than running around to grab them.

We always make sure to help adjust timelines with our couples, but something often overlooked is the time required to drive between multiple locations. If you want to get photos in three different spots, we are all for it, just keep in mind how long it takes to transport an entire bridal party or family!

Another thing we request from our couples is a shot list for family portraits. We do not want to miss any important photos, and do not know people by name, so having a list to read from eliminates stress for everyone involved.

What tips or advice do you have for planning a balanced photography timeline? Every wedding day is unique, and the timeline has many variables to work through! If you are at one venue all day, the time required will be less than starting at a hotel, moving to a ceremony location, and then a reception location. Larger bridal parties and families also need more time. Helping our couples with building a smooth timeline is a blast, and we always work with the other vendors to make it all come together.

Do you work with a second shooter? Are they there for the entirety of the wedding day?

My husband Kevin and I shoot all of our weddings together! During the getting ready portion of the day, we can split up to capture everything, then come together for the first look, ceremony, and reception. Photographing the day from multiple angles is fantastic, and working with my hubby is the best! Some second shooters leave after the ceremony and portraits are done, but Kevin is there the entire evening. You will probably find him on the dance floor by the end of the night!

Thank you SO much to Breanna Marie Photography for sharing all of the knowledge today!

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